Saturday, October 8, 2011


A Masterbrewer planned ride is an informal and non-professional,
social ride ("event") with like minded motorcyclists.

You must read and by presenting yourself to a Masterbrewer ride,
expressly agree to this Legal Disclaimer.

"Know motorcycle riding is dangerous,
you may have an accident,
your bike will be damaged and you will be hurt.
If you hurt yourself and/or someone else
and/or damage something,
it is your fault & sole responsibility
no matter who you are with or following."
Insurance (of any sort) is Your responsibility;

In consideration for being able to attend or participate in an event,
you expressly agree that you have read, understand & accept the risks,
dangers & obligations of motorcycle riding over differing terrain and
you acknowledge and accept the risks & conditions associated
with attending or participating in a Masterbrewer planned ride ("event")
which include the risk that you may suffer harm;
and you agree:
  • to release & expressly indemnify and keep indemnified me & other persons who may lead an event, from all liability for your death, personal injury (including burns), psychological trauma, loss or damage (including property damage) ("harm") howsoever arising from your participation in or attendance at a Masterbrewer planned ride (including a claim based in negligence), except to the extent prohibited by law; and
  • that I do not make any warranty, implied or express, that the event will be provided with due care and skill or that your machinery will be fit for the purpose or your experience or skill level are suitable for the ride; and
  • to attend or participate in the event at your own risk.

** If you bring a friend/riding buddy to a ride, it is your sole responsibility that;
they read, acknowledge, accept and expressly agree with these conditions,
in consideration for being able to attend or participate in an event. (copyright 06.2012)